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Term Life


A guy wanted around town by various hitmen hopes to stay alive long enough for his life insurance policy to kick in and pay out for his estranged daughter.


Kin - EP 507

Ella brushes off Derek's attempts to help her promote her fashion line. Nina's appearance on a social influencer's channel turns out to be an emotional affair.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show 17 - EP 113

Guest host Sean Hayes welcomes Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Extreme Makeover: Home Edition").


Arts 21 - EP 161


ARTS 21 is an arts magazine show focusing on the latest news and events on the culture scene.


Euromaxx - EP 161

Euromaxx is a lifestyle magazine show which features images and stories that reflect the rich diversity of cultural life in Europe. It also provides an insight into Europe and the people who live there.


The Noise S1 - EP 34

To succeed in THE NOISE, teams of contestants must complete seemingly easy challenges without making a single sound. Can they pedal a bicycle or unzip a sports bag or open a can of coke while staying completely quiet?


Luke Nguyen Railway Vietnam - EP 5

Celebrated Chef, Luke Nguyen, in the next enthralling instalment of his popular series takes us on a culinary journey in Vietnam, but this time with a difference. Luke travels by train from Ho Chi Minh in the south to Sa Pa in the north embarking on a journey of the senses, which combines his love of food, travel, trains and the Vietnamese people.


Everyday Gourmet With Justine Schofield S6 - EP 53

Hosted by popular series one MasterChef contestant, Justine Schofield. Everyday Gourmet presents can-do cooking ideas as well as tips, tricks and insights into making us all more confident in the kitchen. Justine believes when it comes to cooking, a little bit of confidence goes a long way, and she'll spend most of the time building up your confidence in the kitchen.

On Now

Revolution - EP 1

Fun, fast and full of fearless competitors, this series delivers full-on thrills and action. Hosted by Maya Jama and Steve-O, it is an incredible war on wheels, filmed over a jaw-dropping, purpose-built course that only those with speed, skill and nerves of steel will be brave enough to face.


Zoom, Zim, Zam - EP 18

Join Zoom, Zim and Zam, superheroes with superpowers, as they take you around the alphabet galaxy and teach you a different alphabet everyday


Teddies - EP 33

Sparky has devised a mystery tour for her friends. She leaves them clues, which lead to other clues - eventually bringing them to a surprise picnic in the forest. Meeks, Dom and Sparky are having fun playing with puppet versions of themselves that they have made. However, things get tricky when they'd rather play with their puppets than do their chores.


Louie S3 - EP 25

Hey little ones! Do you dreamed of exploring an island or travelling to the moon? Do you want to race cars and horses or to talk to a teddy bear? Or maybe you just want to hide from the rain. No problem! Louie is here! With the help of Yoko, they will draw many exciting things for you to discover!


Dot - EP 17

Dot is an 8-year old inquisitive and exuberant tech-savvy girl who launches herself into adventures and fearlessly sets about solving problems by making mistakes and laughing even more along the way.


Sesame Street S47 - EP 14

A landmark series set in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood where every day is a sunny one. It features songs, skits, animation and, of course, Muppets to teach preschoolers basic educational and social concepts.


Sesame Street S47 - EP 15

A landmark series set in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood where every day is a sunny one. It features songs, skits, animation and, of course, Muppets to teach preschoolers basic educational and social concepts.


Tashi - EP 39

The CGI series is based on the bestselling books by Anna & Barbara Fienberg and follows the adventures of Tashi and his cousin Jack, exploring a fantastic kingdom where they have to face mythical creatures like giants, ghosts, witches or dragons.


Tangled: The Series - EP 21

This adventure-comedy series unfolds as Rapunzel acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona.


Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends S22 - EP 27

This season follows the final adventures of Ash Ketchum and his classmates at the Pokemon school in the Alola region.


Transformers Rescue Bots Academy S2 - EP 25

Join Hot Shot, Whirl, Hoist, Medix and Wedge in their second year at the Rescue Bots Academy on Earth!


LEGO Ninjago S10 - March Of The Oni - EP 4

Bringers of doom, darkness, and destruction descend upon NINJAGO, and all hope seems lost. The ninjas must fight off the Oni invasion - but how can they defeat this destructive power and protect the NINJAGO legacy? There isn't much time left - is this the end of NINJAGO, or will good defeat the powers of evil?


Whoopie's World S4 - EP 5

Mei suggests an idea that gets the entire circus crew excited for the upcoming performance, seemingly finding her footing in Circus with a Cause. While Dana in Mumbai encounters an unlikely fan on her new podcast; Jean gets caught in the act and it threatens to turn her world upside down. Will she finally back down?


In Your Living Room S2 - EP 15

(Encore) With Halloween right around the corner, PCK and Jojo are excited to make this episode a spooky one! Keeping us entertained, Actor James Kumar gives exercise tips and Actor Shane Mardjuki makes a PCK costume for Halloween. PCK invites Shane Mardjuki to the show to tell us about his acting experience on the local horror movie Pulau Hantu. Wah Banana shows us Things We Do When Scared, and YA performs Moonlight.


Worst Cooks In America S10 - EP 10

Now in its 10th season, this long-running hit series sees America's worst cooks descend upon New York to participate in a culinary boot camp with two top chefs. Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray each take on a team of six hopeless home cooks and try to transform them from kitchen zeros into kitchen heroes in only 10 days.


Planes Gone Viral - EP 8

There are more aircraft carrying more passengers than ever before. As the aviation industry expands at a ferocious rate - there has been a price to pay. With the help of aviation insiders, flight crew members and behavioural psychologists - this episode investigates stress on the airlines, airport staff, the pilots and crews and of course the long suffering but not always understanding passengers.


Monkeys: An Amazing Animal Family - EP 3

In this series biologist Patrick Aryee takes us on a journey through time, to retrace the primate family's astonishing rise to power through the twists and turns of its family tree.


LEGO Friends - Girls On A Mission S2 - EP 3

Brand new adventures with Andrea, Mia, Emma, Olivia and Stephanie in Heartlake City.


Trulli Tales - EP 31

Before they can become great Wizard Chefs in Trulliland, Ring, Zip, Stella and Sun must first learn to use their cookery skills as well as their magic powers! The magic recipes can be found in a very special book - Trulli Grandma's magic cookbook - which is in danger of disappearing forever, along with its powerful recipes, thanks to the scheming Copperpot.


Nils Holgersson - EP 41

Nils, a reckless and headstrong little boy is transformed into an elf by Athanor, a terribly mischievous elf. From that day on, Nils embarks on the most extraordinary adventures along with his faithful flying companion, Martin the gander and his friends, the wild geese.


Power Rangers Beast Morphers S1 - EP 21

A new team of Power Rangers must defend the Morphin Grid from Evox, an evil sentient computer virus and his evil avatar clones!


Bakugan Battle Planet - EP 33

Bakugan Battle Planet follows the adventures of Dan and his best friends, the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious alien creatures known as Bakugan!


Don't Try This At Home - EP 8

While kids play and learn, they're sometimes being told to do things that they just do not like. In this series, they will see why they should or should not do things they're told, as demonstrated by hosts Nikki Muller and Aiken Chia.


Films & Stars - EP 671

Films and Stars cover the hottest events from the big screen every week.


The Simpsons 31 - EP 16

Homer becomes jealous of Bart's bond with Ned and mentors Nelson in retaliation. However, an act of heroism helps Homer to regain Bart's respect.


Just For Laughs Gags 19 - EP 5

Just For Laughs will tickle everyone's funny bone with its hilarious practical jokes, hidden camera pranks, and other creative hijinks.


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween


Two young friends find a magic book that brings a ventriloquist's dummy to life.


News Tonight - EP 212

The daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news with a local perspective.


The Strangest Weather On Earth S3 - EP 5

Season 3 of the series explores the wild and wonderful world of the weirdest weather on earth with each episode featuring spectacular visuals, fascinating demonstrations and explanations as to what causes all of these strange occurrences.


47 Meters Down


Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive.


The Simpsons 31 - EP 4

(Mature Themes)

The 30th Treehouse of Horror features a demon Maggie, a mission to rescue Milhouse from another dimension, dead-Homer's spirit trying on some new bodies for size and Selma finally finding love in an unlikely place.

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