Tanglin First Look: Nat Ho starring in Channel 5's first long form drama!

Nat Ho plays Jay in Channel 5's first long-form drama! A mysterious stranger who finds work as a chef at Tanglin Coffee House, he makes himself at home with the Tongs.Tanglin will be premiering with a 1-hour special on 30 June 8pm, thereafter Weeknights at 8:30pm on channel 5.Tanglin is a long form daily drama that centres on the lives of multiracial and multigenerational families – mainly the Tongs, Bhaskars, Rahmans and Lims - residents of a middle income neighbourhood, in the Holland Village, Tanglin, Commonwealth area; their lives reflect the joys, trials and tribulations of everyday Singaporeans.Featuring Eswari Gunasagar, Wee Soon Hui, Nat Ho, Fauzie Laily, Darryl Yong, Jae Liew, James Kumar and more!