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YiFong & Eleanor's Kitchen 怡凤和妹妹的厨房

YiFong & Eleanor's Kitchen 怡凤和妹妹的厨房 - EP3


提供: Channel 8 发布: 14/09/2020 声道: Chinese

Having been in the variety entertainment world for years, Yifong is bound to have made some confidantes ! This episode Yifong invites "Aunty" host Vivian Lai and sunshine boy Pornsak who almost messed up in the kitchen ! How does Vivian protect her children, and how will Pornsak's filial piety stories inspire Eleanor ? The gang share their life stories as they cook and dine together. 在综艺界打滚多年的怡凤,知心好友怎么少得了综艺咖!这一集请来大婶级综艺主持人赖怡伶及暖男Pornsak。大家在厨房里闹成一团!怡伶如何保护自己的孩子,Pornsak的孝顺事迹又如何启发妹妹?大伙在煮煮切切及欢笑声中分享各自的人生故事。

YiFong & Eleanor's Kitchen 怡凤和妹妹的厨房
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