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Wonder Women 多功能老婆 (Dual Sound)

Wonder Women 多功能老婆 (Dual Sound)

Ep 25 Finale (Part 2)

提供: Channel 8 发布: 20/07/2020 声道: Chinese;Cantonese

Before Haotian leaves for England, he buys a pair of earrings for Lan Fei and himself. They agree to wear the earrings if they still have feelings for each other. The two of them give blessings to each other and part ways. 浩田出发到英国前买了一对耳环给蓝飞和自己。他们约定如果心中一直有对方,就一直戴着耳环。二人在互相祝福中分道扬镳。

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