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What's For Lunch? 午餐吃什么?

What's For Lunch? 午餐吃什么? - EP8

Shaun Chen;Yao Wenlong;Lawrence Wong;Chuando

提供: meWATCH 发布: 13/11/2019 声道: Chinese

"What's for Lunch ? " joins Shaun Chen and Yao Wenlong at a Bak Kut Teh restaurant situated in Tiong Bahru. Shaun and family come here often for meals so what other dishes can he recommend to us ? We also travel to Johor Bahru to try Rice Soup prepared by Wenlong ! How will it taste ? We also meet up with hunks and buddies Lawrence Wong and Chuando as they enjoy European cuisine at the picturesque Gardens by the Bay. What do they have to say about the food ? Don't miss our final episode ! “午餐吃什么?”两位实力派演员陈泓宇和姚彣隆来到中峇鲁吃肉骨茶,泓宇一家人是这里的常客,他们最爱哪几道菜呢?为了品尝彣隆的拿手招牌泡饭,主持人特地来到马来西亚新山!到底味道有何惊喜?节目下半场,高颜值的陈传多和王冠逸是认识多年的好友,注重饮食的两人推荐这家位于滨海湾花园的欧式餐馆,这里的菜有何特色?千万别错过最后一集的精彩内容!

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