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What's For Lunch? - Lunch Talk 午餐聊什么?

What's For Lunch? - Lunch Talk 午餐聊什么? - EP16

冻龄帅哥:陈传多 & 王冠逸

提供: meWATCH 发布: 13/11/2019 声道: Chinese

Internet sensation Chuando reveals for the very first time on local television his age-defying secrets ! Did you also know that he was a singer ? Lawrence Wong is red-hot now but what difficulties did he meet while working overseas ? 有“冻龄大叔”之称的男神陈传多第一次上本地节目大谈保养秘籍,原来他曾经活跃于本地歌坛!帅气的王冠逸在国外发展遇到什么问题?他是如何一一克服并闯出一片天?

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