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Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物

Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物 - EP1

A Sweet Treasure - Dulce Prenda

提供: Channel U 发布: 22/01/2020 声道: Chinese

Food blogger Aun Koh heads to Philippines in search of the Dulce Prenda, a vanishing pastry which was invented by the poor in the 18th century as a religious offering to the Virgin Mary. Through this sweet treasure, he hopes to discover more about Filipino cuisine, its influences and evolution. 美食博客许安前往菲律宾寻找消失的糕点,Dulce Prenda。此糕点是18世纪的贫民作为奉献给圣母玛利亚而创造的。许安希望通过这道甜点,进一步认识菲律宾料理文化。

Vanishing Foods 消失中的亚洲食物
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