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Vadi Ready Vedi

Vadi Ready Vedi - EP3


提供: Vasantham 发布: 25/01/2020 声道: Tamil

Get ready to meet STEPHEN YOONG - a Chinese Singer who has just released his international TAMIL Single ! And then it’s Daddies’ Club with Jaynesh Isuran and Varman Chandra Mohan as they share what it’s like to be FATHERS ! Following that, SEENI from Malaysia’s famous SEENI SATTI SORU heats up his ‘Satti’ to whip up a signature Satti Dish, alongside with our own CHEF S R BALA, who also presents a unique dish with a Chinese New Year twist ! Mayaanathil Maayaandi meets ‘Dakota Denver’ - who is this ? ? Yet another ‘twisted’ dare awaits Vadi on #NASA !

Vadi Ready Vedi
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