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Vadi Ready Vedi

Vadi Ready Vedi - EP2


提供: Vasantham 发布: 18/01/2020 声道: Tamil

This week Vadi engages himself in a wacky chat with Mr Abdul Kuthus, a friendly neighbourhood LED-BIKE Uncle, who brings his ‘party’ to our Set ! ! Our Tamil Rappers Abby Simone, Mukthi Mugu and Spancer go on a wild musical ride with Vadi as they share their local and international experiences with music ! Get up, close and personal with Actor-Director S J Surya and also get to know Mayaanathil Maayaandi’s next ‘guest’ ! But amidst all these, there’s trouble brewing in “Naan Appadiye Shock Aaitten” (#NASA)...

Vadi Ready Vedi
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