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Under The Power 锦衣之下

Under The Power 锦衣之下 - EP55


提供: Channel 8 发布: 19/08/2020 声道: Chinese

Lu Yi turns up at Emperor Jiajing's banquet and seeks to redress the grievances of the Xias. Emperor Jiajing is furious. He orders Lu Yi to be dismissed from his duties, and sent to prison. Lu Yi will be executed after autumn. 陆绎在嘉靖皇帝设的宴会上,公然拿出了为夏家翻案的昭雪书。嘉靖皇帝大怒,将陆绎革职抄家入狱,并下令秋后处斩。

Under The Power 锦衣之下
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