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Under The Power 锦衣之下

Under The Power 锦衣之下 - EP1


提供: Channel 8 发布: 03/06/2020 声道: Chinese

Xu Lang, newly-appointed Minister of Defense, is accused of negligence of duty, for losing the Coastal Defense Plan. The Imperial Secret Police, Lu Yi, is tasked with the investigation. He suspects Cao Kun of the theft. He makes a bet with a female constable, Yuan Jinxia, to see who gets to solve the crime first. 新任兵部尚书许朗失职,沿海布防图遭窃。锦衣卫陆绎调查此事,怀疑是兵部郎中曹昆盗走布防图。陆绎与六扇门女捕快袁今夏定下赌约,看谁先破案。

Under The Power 锦衣之下
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