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Ubin Boy S1

Ubin Boy S1 - EP3

Truth Or Dare

提供: okto 发布: 11/10/2018 声道: English

Steven doesn't understand why Xiaomin and Ah Boy don't get along. He tries to be peacemaker but make things worst when Ah Boy accidentally kicks a ball to Xiaomin's face. She keeps taunting Ah Boy into taking a dip in the sea. When Ah Boy loses his temper then Steven realises Ah Boy has phobia of water. Steven wants to help Ah Boy to overcome his fear. He bagins to seek help from books and even Teck Ko. Ah Boy refuses to admit his fear of water and snub Steven help. Steven hit and idea. He engages the help of Xiaomin who is sorry for being mean to Ah Boy. They device a plan to make Ah Boy go into the water to save Xiamin who is pretending to be drowning. The plan backfires. Xiaomin has leg cramp and Ah Boy can't swim and needs saving himself. Steven can't save them too because he has phobia of jellyfishes. Luckily Teck Ko arrives in the nick of time to rescue them. In the end Steven learns about himself - he is not as brave as he thought. Ah Boy also learns that admitting weakness is not necessary a bad thing. LESSON OF THE DAY: SOMETIMES BEING BRAVE MEANS CONFRONTING YOUR FEAR HEAD ON.

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