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Tuesday Report: Streets of Memory 星期二特写: 浮生街影

Tuesday Report: Streets of Memory 星期二特写: 浮生街影 - EP2


提供: Channel 8 发布: 22/12/2015 声道: Chinese

A noisy yet vibrant street, suffused with rich ethnic Indian culture has people from all walks of life coming here to experience the sights and sounds this street has to offer. Culturally rich architecture brimming with the myriad flavours of Indian cuisines has this street to become the epitome of India.Yet, this street has its quiet side too. The elemental simplicity of the famous Long San temple and the temple of a thousand lights lend this part of the street the tranquility and dignified solemnity; offering yet a different world.The people who working and living in Race Course Road, narrating the story of race course road, a street with two worlds.

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