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Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young 星期二特写: 人生八九十

Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young 星期二特写: 人生八九十 - EP5

Pianist Elaine Wu /

提供: Channel 8 发布: 08/01/2019 声道: Chinese

A granny pianist shot up to fame last year after a video of her playing the legendary "Butterfly Lovers" went viral on social media. Shanghai-born Elaine Wu made her name in China as a promising musician in her young age. Her life shaken as the result of the Cultural Revolution. In 1993, she came to Singapore to teach children piano and settled down since then, leading a simple life. To make up the lost years in life, Elaine, now 88, is looking forward to reaching her peak in piano performance. 一曲梁祝使88岁的钢琴家巫漪丽沉寂多年之后,再度受到瞩目。她出生上海,年少成名,却受累于文化大革命,人生自此翻转。25年前,她只身从美国来到新加坡定居,教授儿童钢琴,生活朴素简约。感怀过去失落的年月,这位曾祖母级的钢琴家认为自己的顛峰在未來,她在钢琴演奏上仍可发挥。

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