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Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young 星期二特写: 人生八九十

Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young 星期二特写: 人生八九十 - EP4

Flippa Ball Grandma /

提供: Channel 8 发布: 01/01/2019 声道: Chinese

Two years ago, a group of grandmas aged 60s to 70s formed an "Ah Ma Flippa Ball" team at Toa Payoh swimming complex. The club conducts regular training every Thursday morning. Over the years of practice, the members had overcome their differences and foster friendship. The water sport not only assures them a healthier lifestyle but it also enhances their confidence level and brings fun and achievement to their lives. 在大巴窑游泳池,有一支成立两年多的水球祖母队, 球员大多是年过六、七十的阿嫲。每个星期四早上,她们会一起练习简化式的水球 "Flippa Ball"。球员来自不同家庭背景,有的儿孙满堂,有的独立生活。两年的训练和磨合让她们建立起了友谊,不仅享受打球的乐趣,还获得自信与成就感。

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