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Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young 星期二特写: 人生八九十

Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young 星期二特写: 人生八九十 - EP3

Team Strong Silvers /

提供: Channel 8 发布: 25/12/2018 声道: Chinese

Team Strong Silvers is a team composed of several elderly. The members have strong muscles and lead an active life in their old age, comparable to young people. Recently, they have become role models for the community, participate in promoting sports and healthy life. What motivates them to keep on building body in shape and looking fresh and energetic ? How are they different from other seniors ? Team Strong Silvers是一支由几位老人家所组成的健美队,团员们个个有着结实的肌肉, 运动起来一点也不输年轻人。近年来他们成为健康乐龄的模范,活跃于推广运动的场合。他们已经度过了大半人生,什么原因激励他们不断强身健体、保持精神奕奕?他们和其他年长者有什么不同?

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