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Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young 星期二特写: 人生八九十

Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young 星期二特写: 人生八九十 - EP1

Jin Yinji /

提供: Channel 8 发布: 11/12/2018 声道: Chinese

Veteran TV actress Jin Yinji received the "Top Ten Most Popular Female Artiste" award at the age of 70, leaving a splendid record in her performing career lasting almost half a century. Born in Korea, she came to Singapore as a singer and became a household name years after marrying to a Singaporean. Pursuing her dreams and interests in the past had left her little time with her two children when they were young. Now she is keen to make up for lost time as a grandmother. The actress, also known as Jin Jie, experienced downtime when her acting contract ended last year. Now a contracted artiste, she faces her life after 70's brave with new plans and goals. 年过七十的资深电视演员金银姬今年夺下“十大最受欢迎女艺人”奖项,为她近半世纪的演艺道路留下亮眼成绩单。 人称金姐的她,出生韩国,在新加坡发展歌唱演艺事业,也找到归宿。 过去为了追求理想和兴趣,无暇照顾一对子女,当了祖母后,她如何填补失去的时光? 去年因演员合约问题一度陷入低谷的金姐,如今是特约演员,怎样面对70岁以后的人生?

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