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Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young S2 星期二特写:人生八九十 2

Tuesday Report: Ninety Years Young S2 星期二特写:人生八九十 2 - EP3

Foo Tee Jun 浮光云影 符诗云

提供: Channel 8 发布: 21/01/2020 声道: Chinese

84-year-old photographer Foo Tee Jun is an active respected veteran in local photography circle for his skills and friendly personality. The 1989 winner of Singapore Cultural Medallion Award has been shooting drains and water around his home immensely after retiring at the age of 60. Insignificant things turned into abstract and poetic artwork through his lens. His reading of life becomes more philosophical since he was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. Now, he committed more time and energy on doing charity and developing young followers. 84岁的摄影师符诗云是新加坡文化奖得主,超过大半辈子活跃于摄影界,受到许多年轻同好的敬重。60岁退休之后,他毫不厌倦地拍摄住家附近一条水沟,把平凡无奇的落叶水影化成一幅幅抽象诗意的作品。4年前得了癌症,他对人生有更深的领悟,投入更多心思拍照行善、提携后辈。

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