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Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我

Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我 - EP4

Singaporean Artist in Bali

提供: Channel 8 发布: 12/11/2019 声道: Chinese

33 year-old visual artist Samantha Tio and husband Kabul started "Ketemu", a non-profit art organization in Bali, Indonesia, mainly helping schizophrenia patients. In order to maintain a stable income, she has to continue to work in Singapore as a part-time lecturer to advance her cause. What were some of the sacrifices she had to make to juggle between work and family. 33岁的本地视觉艺术家赵敏和印尼籍丈夫与女儿居住在巴厘岛上。岛上要靠艺术维持生计原本就不易,但为了助人,夫妻俩还是坚持创办了不赚钱的社会企业Ketemu。他们用艺术去扶持当地的弱势群体,特别是一群被边缘化的精神分裂症患者。当他们默默在为公益献力时,经济出现了危机,赵敏不得不回来新加坡工作。为了赚钱,她不只得和丈夫、女儿分隔两地,同时还要经营社会企业,赵敏如何兼顾?

Tuesday Report: Be Myself 星期二特写:我就是我
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