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Top Singers 超級紅人榜

Top Singers 超級紅人榜 - EP1


提供: meWATCH 发布: 27/08/2020 声道: Hokkien

The show comprises the elements of contest, variety, songs and the stories of local people. People of any age are welcome to participate in the show. The aims are to discover grassroots singers of Taiwanese songs and Taiwanese song singers who sing and perform in a new style. 何彤静-无人熟识PK 陈静南 郑雅各布 陈静南-失恋雨 郑雅各布-无缘的牵挂 潘俊男-妈妈的皱纹PK 谢佳纯 刘家妤 谢佳纯-今生爱过的人 刘家妤-思念追袂返来 陈谕桦-赢是咱的名PK 黄宥臻 黄宥臻-罔市仔

Top Singers 超級紅人榜
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