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The Good Fight 致胜出击

The Good Fight 致胜出击 - EP20


提供: Channel 8 发布: 09/12/2019 声道: Chinese

Wenkai emerges as champion after many intense rounds. However, he faints thereafter……. Will Wenkai make it ? On the other hand, Zhengbin travels to Cambodia in an attempt to confess to Yichen again, but he witness a man with her……. Will Zhengbin be able to win over Yichen’s heart ? 文凯经过重重难关,终于获得少年搏击大赛冠军,但随即晕倒在台上……。文凯是否能安全无碍?另一方面,逸晨到柬埔寨当导游,正斌来到柬埔寨,要向逸晨再次告白,却见逸晨身边有了另一个男人安列……。正斌是否能挽回逸晨的心?

The Good Fight 致胜出击
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