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The Driver 伺机 (PG)

The Driver 伺机 (PG) - EP6


提供: Channel 8 发布: 14/02/2020 声道: Chinese

A TV news report highlights a recent chain of murders in Japan. The suspect, dubbed "Rose Killer", has claimed 4 victims and leaves behind a blue-white rose each time. Adele is shocked and suspects the murders are related to the Vigilante. According to the Japanese police, the victims all have connections to the Yamaguchi group and their deaths might have been ordered assassinations. 一则新闻报告开出,日本连续发生了4起连环杀人案,凶手被称为“玫瑰杀手”,因行凶后都会在现场留下蓝白玫瑰花。Adele大惊,认为一定和“追踪者”有关。根据日本警方调查,“玫瑰杀手”的死者都和日本山口组织有关,不排除是组织内的暗杀行动。Adele将蓝白玫瑰纹身的图案上载给日本警方,并推论“玫瑰杀手”可能已潜伏在新加坡,因为他的目标很有可能就是追踪者。

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