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The Driver 伺机 (PG)

The Driver 伺机 (PG) - EP4


提供: Channel 8 发布: 14/02/2020 声道: Chinese

A nervous-looking young woman enters Singapore via ferry. At the ferry terminal, she suddenly convulses and dies. Adele, accompanied by forensic experts, investigates. They conclude that the victim, Indah, suffered a drug overdose. Adele speculates that Indah might have been a drug mule. Panda hears about the drug mule case and informs Kenichi. Panda suspects the case is connected to Zeus. As Indah was travelling with another girl named Retno, Panda thinks Retno may also be a drug mule, and might provide them with more clues. 一名女子心神不宁,东张西望的乘着渡轮来到新加坡。在渡轮码头外,她突然口吐白沫,倒地抽筋,最后死去。Adele带着法医人员前来调查,证实死者,Indah,是药物过量导致死亡。这有可能就是所谓的毒骡(Drug Mule)。Panda将毒骡的消息转告建一。这起事件一定跟dark web 的Zeus有关。当时和受害者Indah同行的还有一个叫Retno的女孩,很有可能也是毒骡。她的身上一定有更多线索。

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