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The Driver 伺机 (PG)

The Driver 伺机 (PG) - EP2


提供: Channel 8 发布: 14/02/2020 声道: Chinese

Having learnt that Christine got mixed up with people from the Dark Web, Panda and Kenichi carry out a series of investigations. They discover that Zeus is heavily involved in criminal activities, and his real identity is shrouded in mystery. Panda speculates that Zeus took control of the CCTV system to prevent the police from making contact with Liao Sa. Panda hacks into the police network and regains control of the CCTV system. Using it, he manages to find Liao Sa and Qi Qi's hideaway in an abandoned factory. Panda和建一得知Christine和Dark web 的事情后展开了一系列的调查。原来Zeus透过Dark Web 从事许多非法活动,身份非常隐秘。建一猜测Zeus可能是想对付了撒,所以当时骇入CCTV,不让警方知道了撒的去向。Panda成功破解并侵入被Zeus动了手脚地闭路电视,发现了撒和琦琦躲藏在废弃工厂里。

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