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The Driver 伺机 (PG)

The Driver 伺机 (PG) - EP1


提供: Channel 8 发布: 14/02/2020 声道: Chinese

A former Japanese yakuza gang member leaves his past behind and starts a new life in Singapore, as a private-hire driver. But a chance encounter with criminals spurs him to defend justice and redeem himself by becoming a modern, urban vigilante. 一个前日本黑社会组织成员,隐姓埋名,逃到新加坡做一名电召车司机,准备开始自已新的人生。然而却在一个偶然的犯罪事件的亲历中,驱使他成为一名救赎自我、维护正义的 “城市侠客"。

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