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The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你

The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你 - EP13

Finale 大结局
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

提供: meWATCH 发布: 15/11/2018 声道: Chinese

Warren advices Coco to have a good talk with Amos. Warren reveals that he is in fact a bodyguard employed by Amos’ dad and Coco is stunned by the sheer amount of secrets they have kept from each other. Knowing where Amos is, Warren brings Coco to an ancient movie theatre but Amos intentionally hides away from them. An old steward appears and passes Amos a thumbdrive which includes a video that ShanMin has recorded. Amos soon finds out that all the places that he has visited are locations where ShanMin worked at in the past and all the items he received are mementoes specially prepared by ShanMin. With the support from his dad, Amos finally musters the courage to face Warren and Coco. Amos pleads for Coco’s forgiveness, who agrees upon Warren’s encouragement. Finally, Amos and Coco return home and Warren decides to lead a new life of his own. Surprisingly, both Warren and Amos decide to confess their love to Coco at the same time. Who will she eventually end up with ? Warren劝Coco和Amos说清楚,透露他是Amos父亲请来的保镖,知道Amos会去哪里。Coco错愕他们之间太多秘密。二人寻到一间古老戏院,Amos却避开他们。主管老人家给Amos一个善民录制的U 盘,原来Amos去的地方,是善民以前打工的地方。每个Amos拿到的东西,都有善民的一番苦心。Amos看了感动地哭了出来。Amos终于选择面对Warren和Coco,祈求Coco的原谅,透过Warren的反思和鼓励,Coco原谅了他,也放下自己的自责。Amos和Coco终于回家了,Warren也决定好好爱自己重新。二人同时对Coco表白,Coco究竟会选择谁呢?

The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你
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