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The Destined One 众里寻一

The Destined One 众里寻一 - EP7


提供: Channel 8 发布: 12/08/2019 声道: Chinese

With the help of celebrities playing role of Cupid, the six male panelists will decide which female contestant deems most attractive. Will there be another couple successfully matched ? Stay tuned 最后一集,6位才貌双全的男嘉宾,面对艺人红娘、月老带来的4位美丽动人的有缘人,谁的桃花盛开?通过红娘、月老卖力的介绍,加上看了有缘人的照片之后,哪位有缘人会率先被淘汰?有缘人又会展现什么才艺来吸引男嘉宾?最后一集,到底能否牵手成功呢?一定要锁定!

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