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Tetangga S2

Tetangga S2 - EP6

Ada Hantu Di Kolong Blok

提供: Suria 发布: 13/10/2020 声道: Malay

Tetangga is a neighbourhood drama which promotes racial harmony among the Chinese, Malays and Indians. The 6-episode drama promotes the spirit of goodwill, cooperation and neighbourliness among the HDB dwellers. The Chan family decides to shift from Bedok to a new estate. They meet the Sanis and the Govindasamys. On the first week at their new estate, the Chans long to go back to Bedok as their neighbors are not as friendly as they expected. Relationship cannot happen overnight. It requires time and effort. The Sanis, the Chans and the Govindasamys put an effort to promote the spirit of goodwill, cooperation and neighborliness. They are determined to form a caring and active community which enhances a better understanding of inter racial cultural practices. Racial Harmony Issues - The drama will present the tensions that take place among HDB dwellers and the factors that bring them closer...

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