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Terror Within 内颤

Terror Within 内颤 - EP1

Some Violence and Coarse Language

提供: Channel 8 发布: 04/02/2020 声道: Chinese

Ming Jie, a psychologist, conducts counselling sessions for the survivors a week after the terror attack. She tries to intervene when Grandma Wang, who is the grandmother of the attacker Zhi Xiong, becomes an outcast in the community. 一个阖家欢乐、老少咸宜的家庭活动日因遭受恐怖攻击,沦为惨剧。莫名男子将车开入人群中,见人就撞;下车以后,见人就砍。经历了这场无差别袭击后,生还者们饱受艰辛。尽管政府成立了心理辅导小组来协助他们,一些人始终无法打开心房接受帮忙。

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