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Taste of Love 两代美味关系

Taste of Love 两代美味关系 - EP10


提供: Channel 8 发布: 09/01/2019 声道: Chinese

The celebrity family featured in the final episode is Lin Mei Jiao and her daughter, Chantalle Ng. This pair has been dependent on each other over the years, so what is their secret of getting along ? As a newbie in the entertainment industry, how will she cope with the public's opinion ? Also, what are some of the different eating habits between the closely-knitted mother and daughter ? Is Chantalle familiar with her mother's cooking ? And will she be able to identify her mother's creation among the three similar dishes ? 最后一集的明星家族是林梅娇和黄暄婷这对母女档,两人相依为命多年,相处之道有何特别?刚踏入演艺圈的暄婷,又将如何应对公众的舆论呢?无所不谈的母女俩,饮食口味有什么不同?暄婷对母亲的厨艺又是否了如指掌、她能吃出妈妈的味道吗?

Taste of Love 两代美味关系
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