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Take A Break! 说走就走  短假游

Take A Break! 说走就走 短假游 - EP13


提供: Channel 8 发布: 30/03/2017 声道: Chinese

What's in store for four young hosts when they go on a cruise ? Join Jeremy Chan, Desmond Ng, Kimberly Wang and Michelle Wong as they explore the local delights in Klang and island hop in Phuket via "Mariner of the seas", one of five Voyager-class cruise ships from Royal Caribbean International ! 在《说走就走 ~ 短假游》的最后一集就跟这四位年轻人上皇家加勒比的邮轮。。看看他们会遇上什么有趣的事情,看看邮轮会有多好玩。。一起跟田铭耀,黄振隆,王智荟和黄怡灵一起上“海洋水手号”探索巴生和普吉岛!千万不能错过这一集的说走就走短假游!

Take A Break! 说走就走 短假游
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