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Super Night Club 超级夜总会

Super Night Club 超级夜总会 - EP5

Sexual References

提供: meWATCH 发布: 27/08/2020 声道: Hokkien

With our “Mobile Stage Car”, we’re heading towards the crowd ! Interacting closely with the locals, combining local characteristics and resources, and incorporating all these things into our program—we’re taking singing variety shows out of the studio and bringing them straight to you. From time to time, we also invite the heavy-weights of the past to perform their classic performances on stage once again, resurrecting the golden days of those wonderful dance clubs. 《OPEN》主持人:澎、舜、苗 -歌曲:童年 超级点唱秀》艺人:蔡佳麟+唐俪 演唱:唐俪 歌曲:满面春风 演唱:蔡佳麟 歌曲:甘愿 演唱:唐俪 歌曲:博杯 演唱:蔡佳麟 歌曲:回乡 超级模仿秀-艺人:辛龙 演唱:辛龙  歌曲:山顶黑狗兄 演唱:辛龙  歌曲:酒后的心声 演唱:辛龙  歌曲:我只在乎你 超级巨星秀-艺人:郑仲茵+王彩桦 演唱:郑仲茵+王彩桦 歌曲:含泪跳恰恰 演唱:郑仲茵 歌曲:感恩的心 演唱:王彩桦+郑仲茵+主持人 歌曲:基隆山之恋

Super Night Club 超级夜总会
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