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Super Dad 男神不败

Super Dad 男神不败 - EP23

Some Drug References

提供: Channel 8 发布: 21/09/2020 声道: Chinese

The trio plans for Wei Hao to bring Chen Kai go back in time to prevent Yu Yang from getting deceived. Wei Hao arranges for Chloe to be abducted again. Unexpectedly, the real kidnapper appears in the process and takes her away. It turns out that they were sent by Ying Hao. Ying Hao pretends to be the kidnapper on the phone, demanding Wei Hao to give him the chocolates in exchange for his daughter. 正义等三人计划让伟豪带着陈凯穿越回去,阻止育洋被骗,伟豪只好再次安排人假装绑走Chloe,不料过程中突然冒出真的绑匪,带走了Chloe。Chloe原来是被英豪派人绑走,英豪假扮绑匪与伟豪通话,要他拿巧克力来交换女儿……。

Super Dad 男神不败
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