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Super Dad 男神不败

Super Dad 男神不败 - EP18


提供: Channel 8 发布: 14/09/2020 声道: Chinese

Wei Hao risks everything just to take his revenge on Ying Hao. He hires someone to pretend to abduct Chloe and then consumes the chocolate to save her. Using the remaining supernatural powers, he teleported himself into the design company and stole the gaming software for Ling Zhi to sell it to Ying Hao. This earned him a hefty sum. He cannot wait to see Ying Hao's reputation being tarnished. 为了报复英豪,伟豪不惜冒险,花钱请人假装掳走Chloe,然后吃下巧克力去解救,借着巧克力剩余的超能力,潜入某设计公司,瞬间移动偷走游戏软件,让灵芝将软件卖给英豪,不但从英豪那里获得大笔酬劳,还等着看英豪身败名裂!

Super Dad 男神不败
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