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Strike Back S5 - Episodic 2

Strike Back S5 - Episodic 2


提供: HBO 发布: 03/04/2019 声道: English

A high-octane, globe-spanning thriller with storylines ripped from today’s headlines, Strike Back is a one-hour drama series that focuses on two members of a top-secret anti-terrorist organization known as Section 20: Michael Stonebridge, a British sergeant in the ultra-secret Section 20 anti-terrorist team, and Damian Scott, a Delta Forces operative who was disgraced and discharged on the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The 10-episode season, co-produced by Cinemax and the U.K.’s Sky TV (see below), follows Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) as they criss-cross the globe on the trail of a deadly international terrorist named Latif, who is planning a major attack involving a cache of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) that could have global repercussions. Within the season-long arc involving the search for Latif (code-named “Project Dawn”), five separate adventures will be presented, each played out over two episodes. Sexy, suspenseful and actionpacked, the series is set in exotic locations and has an abundance of twists and turns, as the two protagonists venture into New Delhi, Cape Town, Darfur and beyond to thwart the bad intentions of terrorists intent on bringing anarchy and destruction to our planet.

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