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Strange Encounters S1 奇缘 1

Strange Encounters S1 奇缘 1 - EP25

奇缘之钟馗捉鬼 5

提供: Channel 8 发布: 01/07/2015 声道: Chinese

Zhong Kui holds a party at his home in help to celebrate his victory. His four friends are his guests. That day happens to be the first anniversary of Zhong Kui's death. The ghosts propose a toast to him. While they are drinking, Hei remembers Qianqian and asks if she is on the guest list. Zhong Kui says that it is an all men's party and it would not be appropriate for her to be around. But Bai thinks otherwise as Qianqian is quite manly. Zhong Kui is persuaded to invite her. Qianqian is then having her bath at home. Her maids compliment her for being so pretty. Qianqian is flattered. When Qianqian hears someone knocking on her door, she opens it only to find Zhong Kui standing at the doorstep. Zhong Kui is confused when he sees a beautiful woman before him.

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