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#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战

#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战 - EP4

Egg Toufu

提供: Channel 8 发布: 27/05/2020 声道: Chinese

Comedian Ho Ai Ling faced off showbiz newbie, KeLe this week. Besides showcasing their culinary skills in turning egg toufou into mouth-watering dishes, the two hilarious artistes have also brought us much joy and laughter in this episode. 古灵精怪的鬼马艺人宅在家也能宅出欢乐和精彩!本集节目由开心果何爱玲PK能歌善舞的阳光可乐,要挑战的主题是“蛋豆腐”。面对柔软易碎的蛋豆腐,她们会如何接招,煮出色香味俱全的宅星料理呢?现场笑料不断、状况百出,到底谁更厉害?节目中见分晓!

#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战
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