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#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战

#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战 - EP3


提供: Channel 8 发布: 20/05/2020 声道: Chinese

Both Lee Teng & Ben Yeo took up the challenge this week. Having hosted numerous food shows, will Lee Teng be able to out beat Ben Yeo, who is well known for his culinary skills ? Let's see what they have in store for us ! 这一集,宅星李腾和杨志龙要展开刀叉战! 平时主持很多美食节目的李腾到底厨艺如何?厨艺精湛的杨志龙会给大家怎样的惊喜?两位艺人如何在限时30分钟内必须用神秘食材“鸡蛋”烹煮出一道料理呢? 究竟是谁的宅星食谱更诱人?记得锁定节目!

#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战
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