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Soup Of Life 砂煲肉骨茶

Soup Of Life 砂煲肉骨茶 - EP25


提供: Channel 8 发布: 18/03/2014 声道: Chinese

Alex tells the people at the coffeeshop that his mother has gone missing. Yuan worries that Lin Fang has been captured. Hai turns up for Long-ge’s banquet and notices Lin Fang there. Long-ge knows Hai had spared Lei and Jin Mao deliberately and is back to gather evidence against him. Long-ge asks Hai exchange a box of paper for the Thais’ drugs. When Yuan turns up, Hai knocks him out and locks him up with Lin Fang. Mei is waiting for Yuan to return when she learns her mother-in-law is dying. Hai manages to take the drugs from the Thais, but he is shot in the arm. Long-ge goes back on his word and tries to kill Yuan and Lin Fang. At the crucial moment, the police turn up. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

Soup Of Life 砂煲肉骨茶
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