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3分钟看完《勾魂使者》— 全集精彩内容,浓缩版在这里!

3分钟看完《勾魂使者》— 全集精彩内容,浓缩版在这里!

Supernatural Content 灵异题材;

提供: meWATCH 发布: 06/10/2016 声道: Chinese

"10月20日起免费观看《勾魂使者》全集!Premieres 20 October 2016 - Brand new Toggle Originals series 'Soul Reaper'! Free, binge all! Soul,英俊潇洒,笑容迷人。然而,你绝对不会想要他“咻”一声从一道光变成实体,突然在你面前出现。因为,这种情况会发生,代表你已经时日无多了。因为Soul是个勾魂使者!Soul总会给即将死亡的人2个选择:一、弥补遗憾,然后坦然接受死亡;二、用一个你挚爱或挚爱你的人的生命来交换。Soul – a boy born with a pretty face and mesmerising smile, could appear before your eyes in a flash of light when you least expect it. Brace yourself for the deathly verdict when you see him, because Soul, is whom we all know as the Grim Reaper. Those on the brink of death will be given 2 choices: 1. To make up for your regrets before a willing death, 2. To have a loved one die on your behalf. "

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