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Soul Reaper 勾魂使者

Soul Reaper 勾魂使者 - EP8

Soul Reaper
Supernatural Content

提供: meWATCH 发布: 20/10/2016 声道: Chinese

6岁的晴晴有脑癌,但情况并不适宜动手术,随时都有离去的可能。当Soul得知自己的新任务是晴晴时,于心不忍,不愿意接这项任务。Chief表示Soul不做,其他的勾魂使者也会做,晴晴只会死得更快。 晴晴唯一的心愿是常年吵架的父母不再吵吵闹闹,能够恩恩爱爱。晴晴希望Soul能帮助自己完成这个心愿…… Yuna拒绝跟Soul分手,然而Soul在得知父母的故事后,断然选择了一种决绝的方式…… Qingqing is a 6-year-old child who is unable to receive a transplant for her brain cancer. Soul thinks of declining this mission, but proceeds anyway after Chief’s persuasion. Qingqing’s only wish is for her parents to stop bickering and lead life happily, and hopes that Soul will help her fulfil it. Yuna refuses to break up with Soul. But after learning about his parents’ story, Soul is adamant on ending their relationship…

Soul Reaper 勾魂使者
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