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Small Town Surprises 小城花样多

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多 - EP6


提供: Channel 8 发布: 11/08/2019 声道: Chinese

Kuala Terengganu is a quaint and picturesque place where the locals lead simple and modest lives. This week, our host Hui Xin brings the Neo family way up north to learn about traditional mengkuang weaving from the local villagers. They also sink their teeth into Terengganu's famous delicacy, bamboo rice and set foot on Pulau Duyong, home of the artisan boatmakers known for their remarkable craftsmanship. 这个星期的《小城花样多》带大家一路向北,来到了阳光普照,景色优美的登嘉楼!这里民风简朴;我们的城管慧馨和梁家跟着村子里的妇女们学起了马来传统明光编制手艺,也尝试亲手制作当地土色土香的竹筒饭。最后,他们来到一间以传统造船工艺闻名世界的造船厂,见识到了登嘉楼古老的纯手工造船技术。

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多
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