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Slumfood Millionaire

Slumfood Millionaire - EP1

Tondo, Manila

提供: CNA 发布: 31/05/2020 声道: English

Tondo is Manila's biggest slum and some residents survive on just US$400 a year. Food vendors like Loida and Rado have come up with clever ways to make food that even the underprivileged can afford. Loida salvages leftover meat that is used to make stock in hotel restaurants, and repurposes them into spicy double-cooked chicken, marinated with adobo flavours and fried into crispy chicken flakes. Rado takes unwanted pig intestines - the smelly part near the pig's anus - and puts in the time and love to extract flavour from other offcuts like pig's head, to create a scrumptious, tender soup that is always sold out. Even though pork meat can be an expensive celebration treat, he offers it as an affordable fatty treat, with the crispiest pork skin you have ever tasted.

Slumfood Millionaire
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