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Sing.Lang 2019 Sing.浪 2019

Sing.Lang 2019 Sing.浪 2019 - EP1

Finale 大结局

提供: Channel 8 发布: 04/07/2019 声道: Chinese

Presented by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre as the finale of Cultural Extravaganza 2019, Sing.Lang The Concert highlights the Singapore connection to the mega-hits and superstars of Chinese pop. A showcase of local artistes and musicians who have made waves overseas, as well as the next generation of rising stars; discover the myriad ways our Singaporean music is evolving and enchanting audiences far beyond our shores. For more information and feedback on the concert, please visit: https://www.singaporeccc.org.sg/singlang2019/ 由新加坡华族文化中心华彩2019呈献的这场演唱会汇集多位本地歌手,包括陈洁仪、阿杜、向洋、何维健、Gentle Bones、插班生、文慧如、TheLionCityBoy、Akeem Jahat等。他们为您献唱多首本地创作,展现新加坡华语音乐的无限魅力。扬名海外的本地歌手和新晋歌手同台切磋,再次掀起音乐热浪!更多有关“Sing•浪”演唱会的信息和反馈:https://www.singaporeccc.org.sg/zh/singlang2019/

Sing.Lang 2019 Sing.浪 2019
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