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Seniors Hype It 乐龄Hype It

Seniors Hype It 乐龄Hype It - EP26


提供: meWATCH 发布: 24/09/2019 声道: Chinese

Seniors Hype It is a series that focuses on introducing the latest trends and technology into the lives of the seniors. In this series, we will showcase the chemistry between our celebrity guests and their family members, as well as the hilarious intergenerational differences between Seniors and Millennials of Today ! “乐龄 Hype it” 是一档由乐龄人士尝试新鲜事物的节目,通过他们自然,不做作的反应,拉近他们对科技,奇葩视频,新奇事物的距离。在节目中,除了看到艺人嘉宾与家人之间的默契,还可以看到新加坡新新一代和长辈之间的火花 !

Seniors Hype It 乐龄Hype It
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