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Scrum! 冲锋!

Scrum! 冲锋! - EP13

Round Thirteen - Try! Try! Try!

提供: Channel 8 发布: 19/02/2014 声道: Chinese

Zhaonan tenders her resignation. Incensed with her, Hei-ge threatens to hand evidence against Guonan to the police. Yongchun manages to placate him. Yan Xi explains to the team that Zhaonan has no choice but to leave. She urges the players not to let Zhaonan down. Mingwei intends to sell his prized rugby ball to raise money for Rourou’s medical checkup. She tries to stop him. They tussle, and a thumbdrive containing evidence of Hei-ge’s money laundering activities drops out. Mingwei wants to call the police, but Rourou begs for some time to persuade her brother to surrender himself to the police. Yizhan’s father is so exhausted working overtime everyday that he gets injured. Yizhan finally forgives him. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

Scrum! 冲锋!
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