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Say It If You Dare S4 有话好好说 4

Say It If You Dare S4 有话好好说 4 - EP14

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提供: Channel 8 发布: 14/08/2020 声道: Chinese

Say It If You Dare is a programme that tests one’s language and communication skills, and at the same time promises lots of fun and laughter. Hosted by two wacky presenters, the first part will see foreigners, such as tourists or expatriates, in Singapore learning the local language and trying to complete simple tasks with their new found skills. In the second part of the programme, the two hosts themselves will be sent on an adventurous language learning trip in a foreign land. Armed with just basic language knowledge of the country they are visiting, they will be given various tasks to complete as well, and their “teacher” will be any of the locals they come into contact with. The result is spontaneous and hilarious moments captured on camera ! Tasks can vary from the simple ordering of food in a restaurant, to locating and getting to a popular tourist site of the country. Whether or not the hosts can complete their task will depend on how fast they pick up their language skills and how successful they are in communicating with the locals.

Say It If You Dare S4 有话好好说 4
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