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Pressing Issues 空穴不来风

Pressing Issues 空穴不来风 - EP2

Dennis Chew VS MP Lee Bee Wah Part II 周崇庆 VS 国会议员李美花 下集

提供: meWATCH 发布: 26/07/2019 声道: Chinese

How much does Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah spend on shopping for clothes and cosmetics every month ? Is she more afraid of rats or snakes ? And what are the similarities between this MP and Aunty Lucy ? Lots of insights and fun as she engages in an exchange of wits and banter with LOVE 972 radio DJ Dennis Chew. 国会议员李美花每个月花在买化妆品和置装费究竟是多少呢? 她究竟比较怕老鼠还是蛇?她和Auntie Lucy 又有什么相同之处呢?

Pressing Issues 空穴不来风
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