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Paper Port S2

Paper Port S2 - EP13


提供: HBO 发布: 22/07/2019 声道: English

110 years ago, when he was just a child in Paper Port. Not only will we learn about his childhood and adolescence, but we will discover the true story of the Magic Coconut, Mortimer, and more importantly: the relationship he had with Captain Corrugated, an evil pirate chief who took Curlybeard as his protege. It’s Captain Corrugated who ended up captive inside the town’s statue... all because he went crazy trying to get his hands on the powerful Magic Coconut - which Curlybeard finally safeguarded.In the second part, Captain Corrugated is freed from his stone prison and, by manipulating Matilda, escapes to a parallel dimension to look for a second Magical Artefact as powerful as the Magic Coconut itself.

Paper Port S2
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