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Our Daily Food 食材地图

Our Daily Food 食材地图 - EP6


提供: Channel U 发布: 03/12/2019 声道: Chinese

This episode, Pornsak explores the processing of coconuts & coconut milk production in Thailand and milk source & milk processing in Australia. Cui Fang also learns about the cultivation of mangoes and production of dried mangoes in Philippines as well as tasting the Naxi's chickpea jelly in Yunnan. 在这一集节目中,Pornsak前往泰国尖竹汶府一窥椰子的加工和椰浆的制作。他也来到澳大利亚了解牛奶的取得及加工。林翠芳则前往菲律宾体验芒果的种植和芒果干的制作,并来到云南体验纳西文化品尝鸡豆凉粉。

Our Daily Food 食材地图
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